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Investigative Services

Circumstancial investigations for civil litigation, insurance claims and business or financial matters.

Andrew Gerard Pingree, JD, BA(Hons), Cert IV Investigative Services.

Private Investigator.   Lic# 669-815-62S

There are two important benefits to utilising the services of an independent professional to obtain evidence and build a case. One is that the independent contractor has nothing to gain or lose in the matter. That is to say, the investigator has no conflict of interest. Therefore there is no reason for him or her to suppress evidence, to unreasonably emphasise or to obfuscate any point of fact, or to add anything. That being the case, there is less basis for a counter-party or judge to criticise your case as having been polluted by a conflict of interest in its construction. The investigator's independent report will prove the integrity of your case.

The Second reason to engage an external professional, especially one with several years' experience, is that the process of gathering evidence is not as straightforward as it may sound. It requires not only an ability to spot implications and questions arising real-time, as information comes to you. This occurs during forensic interviews, while inspecting incident scenes, while speaking casually under pretext, or with full disclosure.  A "do it once and do it right" principle applies. But less obviously a good investigator is someone widely experienced in life, practical and clear in their thinking, excellent at seeing relevant points among peripheral ones and deeply curious about everything. A person whose comprehension level is so high they can gather much learning from very little input, and who is cynical enough not be swept away by the smooth talk of an appealing witness. They must have excellent communication skills in writing and speech, able to work fruitfully with difficult witnesses and represent faithfully their evidence and explain complex cases succinctly.

I am based in Geelong and operate throughout the state of Victoria, Australia.

To discuss terms and rates, please call or email....

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Please note, I do not accept cases related to family or personal concerns, nor do I do bug detection or fingerprinting. There are firms and individual investigators who specialise in these areas.

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Every person we deal with in life is a unique and precious individual made of stuff that better suits survival in the wild, in family communities, than operating efficiently within the clockwork urban world that we have built. All have opinions, ideas, perspectives and perceptions that are very much their own. Everyone has their own inner phenomenology, from which they bring forth their sometimes emotive and selective take on what has happened, or may happen, or might otherwise have happened. It is the job of all of us in the justice system to work within the challenges of that environment, and the needs of those we call upon to testify, and the needs and rights of those accused. All of our effort is necessary to ensure the rigid system of laws and judgments can reflect the true justice of each matter to the greatest effect possible, for mere subjective, fickle humans.

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