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Privacy Law

Australian Privacy Principle 2 - Anonymity and Pseudonymity

2.1 An organisation must give individuals the option of not identifying themselves, or using a pseudonym, when dealing with an organisation in relation to a particular matter. This means:

  • An organisation cannot demand correct identity or proof of identity and,

  • People must be made aware of their opportunity to do this.


2.2 This does not apply to an organisation if:

  • It is required or authorised under an Australian law, or a court order, to deal with individuals who have identified themselves, or,

  • It is impracticable for an organisation to deal with individuals who have changed or withheld their correct name. An example is when goods are to be delivered, especially if a recipient signature is required.

Note: Anonymity involves giving no identifying details (eg: a transaction is anonymous in the instance of paying by cash or making a simple telephone enquiry), whereas pseudonymity involves giving a false name, and can include where some identifying details have been given.



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