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Privacy Law

Main Operational Provisions

Section 13 – Interferences with privacy

An act or practice of an organisation is an interference with the privacy of an individual if it breaches the Australian Privacy Principles. (There are further, less important conditions under which an interference may be seen to occur). See also Section 15, which forbids any act conflicting with the APP’s.


Section 13B – Related bodies corporate

The collection of personal information by a body corporate from a related body corporate, about an individual (other than sensitive information) is not an interference with the privacy of an individual.

This also applies to the disclosure of information by one body corporate to a related body corporate. These are special rules that allow the free transfer of information within corporate groups.

It does not apply to bodies corporate that are not organisations, as defined above.


Section 13C – Change in partnership because of change in partners

Where a partnership dissolves and is renewed due to a change in partners and at least one person remains a partner, then the old partnership is free to communicate personal information to the new partnership.


Section 16 – Personal, family or household affairs

This section re-affirms that the APP’s do not apply to individuals, acting simply as individuals, in private or family affairs.

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